Modern Hybrids

Beechwood Blue

We have been stocking Modern Hybrids for a few years now and they have been very popular with our customers.

If you're after some garden hens and you primarily want lots of good eating eggs, then Modern Hybrids are well worth considering.

Originally, specifically bred to maximise egg production on commercial farms, they have been developed from the traditional brown laying birds into a range of attractive chickens, that are hardy, economic to keep and very productive.

We usually stock three or four breeds from Rhode Rock, Speckledy, Beechwood Blue, Sussex Ranger, Pied Ranger and Warrens.

All our Modern Hybrids are available from 16 weeks old, are vaccinated and guaranteed for 2 weeks from purchase.

If you fancy yourself as the neighbourhood 'Egg Baron', then our Hybrids should get you started!