About our Houses

Our premium houses are made from quality materials:

  • The timber cladding we use is typically 18mm Redwood Shiplap, which is pressure treated with Tanalith E.  Framing is typically Scandinavian 38mm x 32mm PAR and is also pressure treated.
  • House and nest box floors are made from 18mm WBP ply.
  • For our Utility Houses we use Unduline corrugated sheeting for the roof.
  • We use galvanised Weldmesh rather than chicken wire on our houses for strength and a better finish.  
  • All hardware is either galvanised or BZP-E.
  • Screws and nails are galvanised or stainless steel.

Our premium houses are very well made...

  • We take a pride in what we make and pay attention to detail.
  • All cut timber ends are sanded and re-treated.
  • All joints are glued and screwed.
  • The cladding is fixed in place using galvanised coil nails for strength. 

Our premium houses are easy to look after...

  • They are easy to clean and feature removable panels, perches and most feature external nest boxes.
  • Because they are tanalised, they will last for a long time without any further treatment.  However a quick coat of animal friendly preservative from time to time will keep them looking their best!

Our premium houses represent value for money....

  • They are not be the cheapest on the market, but you get what you pay for - hand crafted with quality materials.
  • They'll stand the test of time. Please remember - buy cheap, buy twice.