Chickens for Sale

DSCF0019We keep a selection of breeds and, depending on the time of year, we can supply Hatching Eggs, Chicks, Growers, Point of Lay, Stock Cockerels and Breeding Groups.

Here are the breeds we presently have on the farm. Please click on the links to see more details of each breed.


Chickens LSx PairWe hatch chicks throughout the spring and summer with the first eggs traditionally set on Valentines Day. We usually have our last hatch in August.

Pure Breed prices vary according to age, but as an indication -

Hatching Eggs from   £2        each
Chicks Day Old £5        each 
Chicks   7 Days £8        each
Growers    6 Weeks £20      each 
Growers 12 Weeks £28      each 
Point of Lay Pullets  16 Weeks + £35      each 
Modern Hybrids 16 Weeks + £22      each
Discounts available for 5 or more
For welfare reasons all bird sales must be conducted in person at our farm.
We are now agents for Farmgate Feeds and Easichick Bedding.  Please see our Poultry Supplies page for full details.