Blue Orpington

Buff Orpington Pair

The Blue Orpington is a relatively new variety of this popular breed of bird. .  

Strikingly impressive, the Blue Orpingtons were originally added to our stock list in 2015 and they have proved to be very popular with customers seeking an attractive garden chicken.

The Blues are kept primarily for their looks and lay 3 or 4 eggs each week, from spring through to late summer.

Blue genetics mean that 50% of our hatchlings will be blue, 25% black and 25% splash (white with brown/black peppering).

Docile and friendly, they make good garden chickens and look really impressive.  Small wings mean that they can't take to flight and will stay in your garden, even if you have low fences. 

If you're looking for a broody hen to sit on a clutch of eggs, the Orpington is a good choice and with all those feathers, the chicks have plenty of cover to keep them safe and warm.

If you like your chickens beautiful, big and fluffy then Blue Orpingtons are for you.


Picture Buff Orpington, Blue to follow shortly