Barred Plymouth Rock

Barred Plymouth Rock Hen 2

The Plymouth Rock is one of the new breeds we are keeping in 2012.

Barred Plymouth Rock, which is the variety we keep here, were first exhibited in America in 1869 and arrived on the shores of Britain in 1871. Originally developed as a dual-purpose breed, the breeding focus quickly turned to refining the plumage to create birds that were visually stunning.

Calm, clean and hardy, Barred Plymouth Rocks are a good choice for free ranging around a farm or garden as they are seldom flighty. These classic birds lay about 200 eggs a year, so are quite productive as well as being very attractive.

Their relaxed temperament make them another good choice for the garden pet owner and regularly hand fed, they will become quite tame. They also make a nice addition to existing small flocks of other breeds, where they add interest through their appearance.

There is something rather elegant about the Barred Plymouth Rock and since introducing our stock birds to the farm last year, they have attracted a great deal of interest from visitors.


Barred Plymouth Rock Hen