Salmon Faverolles

Salmon Faverolles Hen

Faverolles are one of the new breeds we are keeping in 2012.

Originally developed in the French village of Faverolles, these pretty birds are very popular due to their looks and temperament.

British Faverolles came onto the poultry scene at the turn of the 19th century when they were first imported into Britain. They were extensively crossed with native breeds to improve the table characteristics of the latter. Today they are mainly kept for their appearance, but they are true dual-purpose birds with well fleshed breast and legs. They also produce about 4 eggs a week. Favorelles are one of the few chicken breeds with five toes!

Here on the farm we keep Salmon Faverolles. As the hens are very friendly and can become quite tame, this makes them a good choice for pet owners with young children. But, if looks are your thing and you are willing and able to keep cockerels, then the Salmon Faverolles males are real eye-catchers. With their dark facial muffs and beards, flowing oyster capes and rich body plumage, these are the 'rock stars' of the poultry world. 



We are running two pens of Salmon Faverolles fSalmon Faverolles Cockerelsor 2012.  Our birds were hatched here on the farm, from eggs sourced from a number of independent breeders, to guarantee that the breeding stock is of good quality and unrelated.

If you want some good-looking chickens that are also practical, then Salmon Faverolles are worth considering.