Buff Orpington

Buff Orpington Pair

The Buff Orpington was introduced about 8 years after the Black, in 1894.  So once again, this is a very old english breed.  

Strikingly impressive, the Buff Orpington is probably one of the best known and popular breeds of chicken kept today.

Like the Blacks, the Buffs are now kept primarily for their looks and, like them, lay 3 or 4 eggs each week, from spring through to late summer.

Docile and friendly, they make good garden chickens and look really impressive.  Small wings mean that they can't take to flight and will stay in your garden, even if you have low fences. 

If you're looking for a broody hen to sit on a clutch of eggs, the Orpington is a good choice and with all those feathers, the chicks have plenty of cover to keep them safe and warm.

If you like your chickens big and fluffy then Orpingtons are for you.