Silkie 1

Silkies are great fun little birds.  Despite their size, they are not Bantams but large fowl - albeit little ones.

While they look like bundles of cotton wool, they are surprisingly tough little characters.  Brilliant brooders, they are a reliable way of natural hatching, if that takes your fancy.

We keep a small breeding group of White Silkie and there is no other breed on the farm quite like them.  Brilliant white plumage (provided you can keep them clean), with a striking slaty-blue beak and turquoise ear-lobes.  The feathers have a feel of cotton and look rather like hair.

Silkies make great pet birds and with time will become very tame. 

If you can keep them away from mud, they will add grace and elegance to your garden and are sure to be a talking point with visitors.