Vorwerk HenThe Vorwerk was developed by german breeder Oskar Vorwerk in Hamburg around 1900.  Vorwerks are quite rare in the UK, which is a great shame as they are delightful birds.  The Vorwerk is light framed and produces a cream coloured egg.

They have a unique appearance with a tan body, black hackles and tail and slate grey legs.  I don't know why, but they always remind me of little nuns!

Their most endearing qualities are that they are very inquisitive and become quite tame.  Many of the Vorwerks we have bred will happily come and perch on your hand and seem to encourage you to stroke them.  They also like to communicate and they make what we call a 'jibber jabber' sound.  It's rather nice actually.

They don't need too much space and are quite content in a run. To get the best from them though, you need to encourage them to interact with you and your family.