French Copper Marans

Copper Marans Hen Blue

There are several varieties of French Copper Marans and the breeding birds we have here on our farm are the Blue's.

We like these because you get a surprising result when you breed a blue hen with a blue cockerel.  The chicks will be either blues, blacks or splash, all of which look very different.

The picture on the left is of a blue hen and those below are black and splash.

We like Marans, they are good-looking and fairly easy to keep.  They have lightly feathered feet, so its best to keep them on grass or woodchips and out of mud.

Marans produce a beautiful dark terracotta egg, which looks great in a mixed egg basket.  Their eggs have really hard shells, so the chicks have a harder time pecking their way out.  You need to remember this if you plan to hatch from fertile eggs.





Copper Marans Black Hen

Copper Marans Splash