The Layers House

The Layers House is the largest house we build and is suitable for up to 30 hens.  This is house is ideal for smallholders or those who wish to set up a small scale egg production unit.  Made to our own exacting standards, it will give you years of reliable service.

Layers House 1Layers House AngledLayers House Pop Hatch Side


  • Dimensions 2160 x 1250 x 1760
  • Full height access door for easy of cleaning
  • Vertical sliding window for increased ventilation
  • Unduline sheet roofing over weldmesh to deter predators
  • Large exit pop-hatch
  • Large external nest box
  • Removable perching rack, keeps house cleaner and reduces frequency of cleaning
  • House sits on 150mm skids and is fitted with a towing hook


  • £1050+vat


  • Additional perching rack.  Enables one to be used while the other is being thoroughly cleaned - £80 +vat